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STAND's Mission Statement

Safe Teens AgaiNst Drugs (STAND) is a team of youth leaders determined to end youth substance abuse in Pasco County by providing education to teachers, police, businesses and other community members.
STAND (Safe Teens AgaiNst Drugs)

STAND is the Pasco County youth coalition dedicated to end substance abuse among youth.
Priority Issues

  • Change youth perspectives of drugs
  • Reduce accessibility of drugs
  • Reduce marketing of drugs to young people
  • Create an environment where young people in recovery can thrive


Things We Do

  • Community Presentations
  • Host Teen Summits
  • Community Outreach
  • Create Public Service Announcements
  • Conduct Environmental Scans
  • Attend Community Meetings


For more information about STAND, please contact stand@pascoasap.com

STAND Newsletter

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Talk It Up Lock It Up PSA
Pasco Promise
STAND developed a new social norming PSA that is airing on the CW 44 for the rest of June! Make sure to share your #PascoPromise
STAND Label Video
Safe Teens AgaiNst Drugs (STAND) students from PACE Center for Girls filmed and produced this powerful video on the impact of stereotypes and labels. STAND is the youth coalition dedicated to ending substance misuse in Pasco County. For more info on how you can get involved, email STAND@PascoASAP.com

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"To coordinate community efforts to reduce countywide risk factors for addiction, thereby preventing and decreasing substance abuse in a comprehensive and long-term manner that primarily impacts the youth in the community"

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